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Have you watched horror movies? Chances are you might have come across those movies where a kid has an imaginary friend. Well, imaginary for people but that friend really exists. In fact, it is a well-known phenomenon.

Poke Abby MOD APK is based on this phenomenon. Autumnhearth College is the hub for magic where cute students come to learn magic. Among these is Abby, your friend who wants you to interact with her in many ways.

Your role is that of a ghost, helping students carry out their tasks in the great halls. Abby is always looking for new things to explore so she moves between different classrooms down the hallway where you interact with her. Let’s find out more. You are provided with a download link and instructions on how to set it up on your device in today’s post.

Poke Abby MOD

What is Poke Abby MOD APK?

Poke Abby apk is a fun game. You are a ghost in the fantasy world of student magicians where you help them with their tasks silently. Abby is the main character in the game. She is a student of your interest who is different from the rest.

You can help Abby carry out tasks while at the same time pleasing her by doing simple things that she likes. She came to Autumnhearth College to learn magic, potions, and spells but is always looking to have some fun along the way.

You can dress her up according to your liking and customize her appearance to the fullest. Then, once you catch her down in the different classrooms, you can please her by poking her around. She likes to be poked in some areas more than others. You can also rub and scratch different areas that please her.

Now this is a mod variant of the original game which means that you do not have to go through a tiring verification process, unlike the original game. Plus, you get the freedom to do all that you like with no barriers because of the mod menu and unlimited money. You can access all the unlocked levels with this version.

Poke Abby is not available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

If you like Mechat MOD APK, you are going to love Poke Abby mod apk.

Fun fact: In this game, you take the role of the ghost of Autumnhearth.

Comparison With the Original Version

Original VersionMod Version
Subscription/RegistrationNo Subscription/Registration
LockedEverything Unlocked
Slow ProgressFast Progress

System Requirements

The game should easily run if your device has the following specifications.

  1. Android Version of 5.0 and up
  2. Minimum 2GB RAM
  3. Good GPU recommended
  4. 60 FPS for optimum performance

A step-by-step guide on installing the game will be found later in this article.

Important Note

In order to install the game on your Android device, make sure you have allowed downloads from “Unknown Sources” in the settings.

Playing Poke Abby Mod Apk on PC

My Poke Abby Mod Apk download is not just limited to an Android Device. Below you can find steps to enjoy the original game on your PC.

  1. Click the link here.
  2. Download from the link given there.
  3. Install the game and open it.
  4. Fire it up and enjoy the game.

Playing Poke Abby Mod Apk on iOS

Unfortunately, Poke Abby is not readily available on iOS as of right now.

Advantages of Downloading from Apkmedley

  • Poke Abby MOD apk is totally free to download.
  • The app works.
  • It has been scanned for viruses.
  • There are no ads displayed.

Features of Poke Abby MOD Apk Latest Version

Interactive Gameplay

This is the type of game that would make you feel like you are in control at all times. Being the ghost of Autumnhearth College, you really are in charge as you move between different classrooms keeping a check on every student who is on their way to becoming a successful magician.

The game presents a very immersive experience. You can interact with the students and carry out different personal missions.

Spice Things Up

Now this is the fun part. The real activity starts as one curious student, Abby walks down the hallway to go to the Potions Class. You sneak around to find her by herself. You can now do anything you want. You have the ability to scare her. You can also give her physical touches.

Rubbing and poking Abby makes her feel good. Sometimes, if you rub on her head for too much, she can get annoyed. There are certain areas that she likes being touched. I will leave that up to you to discover. 😈 

Dress and Customize Abby

You can never get bored of spooking this naughty character. There is an option where you can change everything about Abby. From her hair to her skin tone, you can change everything. Get her the best-looking dress and shoes. You can undress her too – she doesn’t mind.

Easy Controls

One thing about this game is the simple and minimalistic controls it boasts. Do not worry about crazy interfaces and buttons since all it takes to play the game is basic swipes and touches. The buttons in the game are fairly spaced and clearly visible. The tasks are very easy too so you will not be wasting your time failing tasks and doing them over and over again. I wonder how frustrating that would have been.

Play Games Within The Game

It is not THE game, it is a game with THE game and several other mini-games. If you ever get tired of playing with Abby (which you wouldn’t), you can refer to other playful experiences in Poke Abby Mod apk. That includes getting her cat ears and tight dresses.

Tutorial Included

Sometimes, with most new games that catch your attention, you get stuck at the beginning. You do not know where to start or which button to press but that is not the case here. Here, you are given tips on how to do your best to play the game which makes it a lot convenient. This thoughtful approach ensures that players can fully enjoy and engage with the game mechanics without feeling overwhelmed or lost

Stunning Graphics and Character

It is understandable as to why the developers did what they did on the graphics of this game. It is all about beautiful characters. With real 3D graphics and high-quality pictures, you are ensured an elevated gaming experience. The attention to detail in the character designs is truly remarkable. The vivid, lifelike animations and meticulously crafted environments immerse players in a breathtaking world that feels alive

Poke Abby download no verifaction

Tips for the Best Gameplay

To have the most fun experience make sure you do all these.

Spook Abby away from the main class.

Find areas where she likes being touched.

Keep changing the way she appears.

What’s New in Latest Version 3.7

  • Bug Fixes
  • New Students Added
  • Better Graphics
  • Optimized Speed

Pros & Cons

You are not bombarded with adsNo Cons
You can unlock everything 
Offline gameplay 
Easy controls 

How To Download and Install My Poke Abby MOD APK on Android Device

The download and installation process of Poke Abby MOD APK is super easy if you follow all the steps in a sequence. We have created a complete installation guide for you; follow the guide below to download your game successfully.

  • The first step you have to do is to uninstall the original version of the app to install the pro mod version.
  • Then download the mod version from the link provided in this article, locate the apk file on your device and install it.
  • Wait until the installation of the apk file after which you can launch the game and get right into action with the best equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several students who make up a lot of characters.

That is something we would like the users to explore.

Yes. This apk has been scanned for viruses and is safe to download.

Final Words

Being invisible has always been a dream for many. You can spook people and do things to others without being noticed with the Poke Abby mod apk. Not just that but the graphics really immerse you into the gameplay so that you can make your fantasy world almost a reality. You are the naughty ghost who has been patrolling the hallways of Autumnhearth and checking on the students. You are Abby’s ghost friend whom she admires.

4.9/5 - (42 votes)

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