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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are bored because you are too lazy to do anything, so you end up not changing anything? Order & Chaos 3D might not feel right because of its demanding controls. You might not even want to play any games as you don’t feel like doing anything, so you just sit there contemplating life.

Well, I have just the right solution for you. See, a lot of these famous games nowadays require you to be fully alert and expect a lot of action from your fingers which you don’t always feel like doing. That’s where Tap Tap Run mod apk comes into play.

tap Tap Run Mod

Fun fact: Usain Bolt, considered to be the fastest sprinter in the world stars in this game under the name Usain Nut.

What are Clicker games?

Clicker games which are also called tap games (or incremental games) are games that can be played by just tapping on the screen. They are the perfect way to get yourself out of lazy boredom and surprisingly they are quite interesting too. The simple controls make it look like they might not be as fun, but I am sure you might have played such games before and loved them.

What is Tap Tap Run?

Tap Tap Run is a fun clicker game where you are training your character to become the fastest person in the world. In this game, the home page serves as a practice arena where your character can be seen standing on a treadmill. Keep tapping on the screen so that the character starts running and for every 10 m covered you will be given a reward which could be used to upgrade your athlete’s skills. There is a challenge section where you can compete with other champions, you can choose from 50, 100 and 200 m to race.

In the match section, you can also run with vehicles, animals, or superheroes and fun characters like Naruto, Goku and Luffy. You can upgrade the player’s sprint, speed, resilience and endurance. This is a progressive game where you accumulate coins over time and upgrade the abilities of your character, ultimately turning him into a beast on the tracks. While its uncomplicated controls may deceive you into thinking it might lack excitement, you’ve likely found enjoyment in tap games such as Flappy Bird, Crossy Roads, or even the iconic Dinosaur game that appears during internet disruptions on the Chrome browser.

Tap Tap Run

Features of Tap Tap Run mod Apk v1.14.0

Easy to master controls

I actually started playing this game at the suggestion of a friend of mine. Instantly, the super easy controls stood out to me. You can do everything possible in the game with just one finger, just by tapping on the screen. What easier controls could there be?

Variety of modes to play from

On the main game page once you have trained your player and he gets all the necessary upgrades, he is ready to be put in an arena against an opponent. Now there are various modes to choose from, each come with their own set of rules and characters. Usain Bolt who in the game is called Usain Nut (I see what they did there) is one of the main opponents and the goal is to train hard and beat him.

No ad cluttering

Tap Tap Run no ads comes with all the ads removed so there really is nothing to interfere with your gameplay unlike many other games. With no ads being display you can fully experience the game without being distracted.

Simple yet attractive 2D graphics

Although a lot of games that come out nowadays strive for the best 3D visual experience, Tap Tap Run mod apk latest version has kept things simple. The graphics are pretty minimal and it has a very cartoon-like feel to it. The colors are vibrant and bright that will take you back to the old Cartoon Network days for sure.

A lot of customization options

After playing the game for a while, I think there is actually two parts to Tap tap Run mod apk unlimited everything. Running and customization. You can customize your character however you like plus with our mod version; everything comes unlocked so you can browse through a selection of shoes, costumes, hair and relics. Some of these items actually add to the performance of the runner!

Free upgrades

As mentioned earlier, this clicker game mod version comes with all of the upgrades. That way you can beat Usain Nut in no time. And the Daily bonuses and free boosters make for a great cherry on top.

Get unlimited XP and coins!

The game is already maxed out with XP and coins so spending is never going to be a problem. Splurge like a Quadrillionaire and do whatever your heart wants.

Interesting characters & Fun gameplay (Runners high)

Famous superheroes, animals and people are in the game like Naruto (who also stars in Stickman Dragon Fight), Usain Nut and many more. The gameplay itself is pretty interesting as they have integrated fun elements like runners high and underwater running mode that way you can never get bored of playing the same thing over and over again.

No wait time in challenge mode

Another fun fact; our mod version comes with a feature with which you do not have to wait in queue to get into challenge mode.

How To Download and Install Tap Tap Run MOD APK on Android Device

The download and installation process of the Tap Tap Run Mod APK version is super easy if you follow all the steps in a sequence. We have created a complete installation guide for you; follow the guide below to download your game successfully.

  • The first step you have to do is to uninstall the original version of the app to install the pro mod version.
  • Then download the mod version from the link provided in this article, locate the apk file on your device and install it.
  • Wait until the installation of the apk file after which you can launch the app and enjoy the premium features for free.

Final Words

In a nutshell Tap Tap Run mod apk is the perfect combination of simplicity and fun. I found it to be the perfect fix for the everlasting boredom and I am pretty sure your experience will be no different. Look no further and hit that download button, fire it up and start making some progress!

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