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Do you love classic games? Do games like Super Mario and Sonic still amuse you? I mean how can you not like the games that shape the games of today including Undead Slayer Extreme MOD APK? There is no chance that you have not heard about these games.

I remember getting my first SEGA console. Playing Sonic The Hedgehog was the best part of my day. That game was huge back then and it’s still around, with new Sonic games coming out even now!

Today we bring you Sonic Mania Plus apk. A revival of the old classic right on your Android device and more. Stay with us till the end as we discuss how this game perfectly incorporates modern elements into the timeless masterpiece. You will learn about the features of the game and some essential information on how to get it up and running on your device.

Sonic Mania Plus

What is Sonic Mania Plus APK?

Sonic Mania Plus Mod APK brings a new life to your favorite childhood game. SEGA had not let this nostalgic game go out of style. Step into the 2D world of Sonic and take on his adventures. Not just Sonic, here two other friends have joined forces to collectively drive the enemies out.

Your beautiful island is under threat. They are slowly taking over each and every resource left. But lucky you, you have been there long enough to dig into the mysteries of the area and liberate yourself. With your special powers and abilities, all eyes are on you.

Dr. Eggman and the Hard-Boiled Heavies try to get the Chaos Emeralds. But in Sonic Mania Plus Mobile, Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic team up to stop them. Collecting rings as much as they can.

Sonic Mania Plus apk characters and their abilities:

  1. Yellow Fox Tail: Can stay in the air
  2. Red Knuckles: Throws fearsome blows
  3. Sonic: Fast movements

Sonic Mania Plus now comes with on-screen buttons making for a better user experience.

Fun fact: There is an armadillo and a flying squirrel in the game who are called Mighty and Ray respectively.

Comparison With the Original Version

Original VersionMod Version
limited MoneyUnlimited Money
Characters LockedAll Characters unlocked
Slow ProgressFast Progress
Limited LifeUnlimited Life

System Requirements

The game should easily run if your device has the following specifications.

  1. Android Version of 5.0 and up
  2. Minimum 2GB RAM
  3. Good GPU recommended
  4. 60 FPS for optimum performance

A step-by-step guide on installing the game is found further in this article.

Important Note

In order to install the game on your Android device, make sure you have allowed downloads from “Unknown Sources” in the settings.

Playing Sonic Mania Plus Apk on PC

Playing Sonic Mania Plus Apk is not just limited to an Android Device. Below you can find steps to enjoy the mod version on your PC.

  1. Get an emulator for PC.
  2. In the emulator, download the apk.
  3. Locate the apk and open it.
  4. Enjoy the premium version of the game.

You can also go to Steam and get it from there eliminating the need for an emulator.

Playing Sonic Mania Plus Apk Apk on iOS

Unfortunately, this version cannot easily be installed on iOS. However, you can still enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog 2 from the Apple App Store.

  1. Navigate to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the App Store.
  2. Tap on the Get button and install it on your device.
  3. Once downloaded, open and start playing.

Advantages of Downloading from Apkmedley

  • Sonic Mania Plus apk is completely free to download.
  • The app has proven to be working.
  • It has been scanned for viruses.

Features of Sonic Mania Plus Apk Latest Version

Every Level is a Unique Adventure

In this game, you can never find yourself off-guard. Each level brings something exciting to the table, so you just keep on playing. New challenges and objectives demand a better version of yourself and your abilities.

From forests to scenes straight out of an antique movie. You find yourself in different settings. Not to mention the bonus levels that open the doors to new possibilities. These thrilling events just do not stop.

Different Characters to Play With

In the older Sonic games, you could only play with Sonic. Even though we never got tired of playing the same character or felt the need for new ones, two other fellows have offered their expertise. You can now play with different characters. Each with its distinct features that aid the gameplay in unique ways.

When you drop in the encore mode, you experience the original game with a twist. Here you may find levels that you are familiar with, but keep in mind you might not encounter the same enemies you faced before. New bosses are on the radar so be prepared.

Numerous Game Modes

The thing I like the most about this game is how broad it is. With the various modes that are offered within, you just cannot get tired. Choose Ring Race if you are feeling casual and collect those rings. Select Time Attack where you are on a time constraint and fare feeling speedy. No matter what you choose, you will never get bored of the 12 different game modes. Unlike Poke Abby MOD APK which targets mostly adults, this one is safe to play for everyone including kids.

Play Multiplayer with Friends

As I said, the options do not stop. Just when you were contemplating which mode to play, here comes another one. With the multiplayer option, you can play with other players live. This game lets you play with four players all at the same time. Things get very heated and competitive in this mode.

Nostalgic 2D Graphics & Simple Controls

This game does not present flashy 3D graphics, but rather a simple old-school approach to the graphics. Vibrant and solid elements make it a joyful yet simple game. Its 2D display does not demand a complex system of controls either. You have a few on-screen buttons essential to carry out any task. There are some button combinations that you will master once played the game for a while.

Sonic Mania Plus APK Free Download

Tips for the Best Gameplay

To get the most out of the game make sure you do all these.

Collect as many rings

Use shields and speed boosts

Don’t forget to play custom levels

What’s New in Latest Version 3.6.9

  • Bug Fixes
  • Personalize with Character Skins
  • Unlimited Powerups
  • Optimized Speed

Pros & Cons

You get unlimited ringsVery Addictive
You can unlock everything 
You have additional abilites 
You have additional abilities 

How To Download and Install Sonic Mania Plus APK on Android Device

The download and installation process of Sonic Mania Plus APK is super easy if you follow all the steps in a sequence. We have created a complete installation guide for you; follow the guide below to download your game successfully.

  • The first step you have to do is to uninstall the original version of the app to install the pro mod version.
  • Then download the mod version from the link provided in this article, locate the apk file on your device and install it.
  • Wait until the installation of the apk file after which you can launch the game and get right into action with the best equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a speedy side-scrolling game.

No, this game was a celebration of 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog and not a mainline game.

Here you are provided with Sonic Mania Plus mod apk that works.

Final Words

Sonic Mania Plus mod apk Unlimited Everything is the perfect take on the OG Sonic game. with the numerous game modes offered here, your entertainment needs have been met. This game goes beyond what you expect. It’s not just a game, it’s a new adventure that feels familiar and awesome, with some added twist to it. If you love Sonic or if you’re just starting, this game is for you!

4.9/5 - (40 votes)

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